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Consett make key off-field appointment of Chris Burrows as new commercial manager

Consett AFC have appointed Chris Burrows as commercial manager in an off-field role which is key to the continued development of the club.

Chris, who comes from a sales background, has agreed to assist the club with the recruitment of new sponsors, and liaising with existing ones.

He has previous experience of attracting sponsorship in sport, working with youth football and boxing clubs in Bridlington.

Chris, pictured below, said: “I moved to Consett in 2021 and first went to the football club pre-season. The first person I bumped into was Frank Bell, who made me feel very welcome.

“Since then I have been to most of the games, home and away, and last year I successfully got a full team strip sponsorship for Consett Reserves.

“I was delighted to be asked to get involved with the club on the commercial side, and I’m really looking forward to the coming season.

“I have already started speaking to local businesses about advertising around the ground, and have had a lot of inquiries about player sponsorships, so if you’re interested in a particular player or sponsoring a particular game, please get in touch as soon as possible.”

Consett AFC Chairman Frank Bell, pictured below, said: “We are delighted to appoint Chris in this very important position within the club. He will take on responsibility for sponsorship, which is a vital element for the club as we strive to maintain a sustainable structure.

“Over the last couple of years, like many others we have sustained significantly increased operational costs, not just in areas such as energy but also transport etc, and sponsors play a vital role in helping us meet those ever-increasing demands.

frank bell

“With the geographical challenge that the new league has brought we have also seen a fall in away supporter attendance, which clearly impacts on revenue.

“We have seen a major change in the role that supporters play in the professional game, with much of Premier League clubs’ revenue coming from commercial coverage, and as such the supporter is not seen as a key element to them.

“However, that is not the case for clubs like us – supporters are the absolute lifeblood of Consett AFC, and sponsors are really important too as we try to build and drive the club forward and bring success and silverware to Belle View.

“In return we offer value for money to our generous sponsors, thanks to the significant footfall we have on a weekly basis and the exposure we provide on our social media, with many thousands of followers.

“To those local businesses and organisations that would like to get involved in supporting your local community club, please contact Chris, who is really looking forward to meeting with you.”

Chris can be contacted on 07861 675458 by phone, voicemail, text or WhatsApp.

Gary Welford